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We live in a multimedia rich world and your advertising content should reflect the desires of your target customer. Our commercial video creation services are the ideal way to syndicate your message for online and offline viewing.

Video Marketing: Leveraging content through syndication

Promoting your business through video can be one of the most cost-effective marketing methods available. With the decline in traditional TV viewership due to the increased popularity of subscription based (read: commercial free) media such as Netflix & Hulu, it is easy to think that the venerable “commercial” is going the way of Blockbuster…

Thankfully, that is not the case because now brands have the ability to syndicate a piece of content (i.e. a promotional video) across multiple channels to reach their ideal audience. Through media giants like YouTube and Facebook, it has never been easier to find your target market to show them what your brand has to offer.

Customers make buying decisions based on brands they know and are comfortable with. Commercials, jingles, and social media video marketing keep your brand top-of-mind so that customers come to you when they are ready to purchase.

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