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“Top 8 Critical Website & Marketing Mistakes That Even Fortune 500 Corporations Make (and how to fix them)”

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Quality work and prices...

“Matthew is a great, professional website developer. He took a lot of time to hear my ideas and help me understand what to do and why. Quality work and prices. Very accommodating; I would highly recommend him for all your needs (Website, Marketing, etc.)” Knight Home Inspections Rocco Castellano, Knight Home Inspections

Intuitive and functional...

“eDriven helped develop our digital marketing strategies and then used those concepts to design and publish our updated website. In particular the site needed to function well on mobile platforms and eDriven worked hard to ensure our mobile look and feel was intuitive and functional.” Wild Meadow Paddlesports Steve Bardus, Wild Meadow Paddlesports

Excellent experience...

“I had an excellent experience working with eDriven Marketing. Great communication from start to finish and very easy to work with.” Hofford Digital John J. Hofford, Hofford Digital

We create marketing solutions so small to medium sized businesses can get up to 4 times more leads in 45 days without technology overwhelm or brutal big-agency pricing.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand how challenging it can be to get your business and products in front of your ideal customers.

However, after building many successful businesses over the last 25 years, we have created this NH marketing agency platform that you can use to get leads on demand so you can grow your business with dependable cash flow.

We have consulted with Fortune 500 companies on gaining market share, successful product launches, as well as small companies primed for growth.

B2C Marketing

The same old marketing concepts will not work for today’s  educated consumers. Your customers hear hundreds of marketing messages every day, so it is our job to ensure that your message stands out.  We know how to cut through the noise and meet your customers at every step during their journey from research to purchase.  When you work with us, we help you define your target audience, find where they are online, and deliver to them the perfect marketing message.

Local Marketing

When marketing for your locally based business, the stakes are high and competition can be fierce. Not only do you need to provide stellar service, you must also protect and grow your customer base.  Your choice of marketing firm is critical to your success; they must understand the local landscape to ensure the sccess of any marketing campaign.  Growing your business effectively through targeted online and offline methods can propel your business with rapid growth.

B2B Marketing

Marketing to other businesses can present many challenges: gatekeepers, stakeholders, technology, and leadership expectations can get in the way of an effective business marketing strategy.  We understand the frustrations and will work with you to solve them.  From building your brand to maintaining your presense in the marketplace, we know the strategies that keep your business top-of-mind for your target market so you can be their first choice when the time is right.

Corporate Marketing

People do not buy from corporations, they buy from brands whose messaging resonates with them personally.  Having a voice across all marketing channels is what defines your corporation as a brand and facilitates customer loyalty and interaction.  We will work with you to determine the proper advertising channels and marketing tactitics that will appeal to your target audience.  With this approach, you can see an increase in brand awareness and a solid ROI.

Inbound Marketing

What if, instead of trying to chase down customers with tired old marketing tactics, you had a steady stream of clients coming to you, ready-to-buy?  This is exactly what a compelling inbound marketing campaign can do for your business.  We develop a process to deliver traffic to your website, encourage interaction, and create a mechanism to faciliate relationship building.  Then it’s up to you to deliver to the customer massive value and close the sale.

Offline Marketing

Traditional marketing channels are far from dead. Television, radio, and print advertising serves a major role in any complete marketing campaign. Our goal is to meet your customers wherever they are in the buying process. It is through repetition – multiple touch-points – that people remember your name as the authority in your niche. We leverage all creative content to combine both online and offline strategies to ensure you can capture more market share.


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