Charles Sayegh

Managing Director / Co-founder
I have a passion for creating competitive advantage by driving technology and innovation into business. Over the past 20 years, I’ve driven numerous projects which have brought together technology, business strategy, operations/P&L management, large-scale enterprise transformation, and analytics.

At eDriven Marketing , we live and breathe our motto: "We only succeed when our clients succeed." As a digital marketing firm, we provide focused attention one client at a time. Unlike large firms eDriven is the ideal sized firm with the best mix of talent and culture driving technology enabled business advantage.

With extensive experience in strategy consulting, information technology, software and consumer companies, our specialties include growth strategies, mergers & acquisitions, human capital, software solutions and revenue generation.
Mathew Butka

Mathew Butka

Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder
Imagine a world that only about 27 people really knew what Facebook was, MySpace was everything, and the first iPhone was still 2 years away. Over a decade ago, I was introduced to building websites, starting with a short-lived blog about me as a stay at home father when my first son was born. Now, I get an itchy clicker finger if I don't use a mouse for a couple days and I have been known to tweak website code on my cell phone while hiking.

After building a few sites for friends, I realized that I was pretty good at it and it was fun (a rather geeky sort fun). So I kept building and learning . . . HTML, CSS, WordPress & Java (un poco). I even got into affiliate marketing and eCommerce (Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, etc) by building and managing online stores.

Flash forward 12 years, millions of websites, and five more children later, I am still learning something new at least several times per week.

Yes, it really is spelled with one "T". It's OK, though...I really don't mind going through my whole life with people thinking I can't spell my name.