What is eDriven Marketing?

It’s more than an agency, it is a mindset: BeDriven

Whatever business you are in, no matter what niche you serve, do it with excitement, tenacity, aptitude, heart, inspiration, confidence, determination, and humility.

And do it in the spirit of serving others.

This is eDriven Marketing.

We created a vehicle for business owners to achieve success on a level they have always wanted, but haven’t yet been able to break through.

We identify your current position, limitations, strengths, company culture, tools & tactics, assets, and goals to build a pathway to take you from plateau to performance.

With our combined services of marketing / web development and high-level business consulting, we are able to address common roadblocks and speed bumps that all business run into – from startups to seasoned tech-companies.

Working with eDriven is not a pit-stop. We aren’t there to just change the tires and fill the tank for your business. We are more than just your pit crew. We are the tire changers, technicians, engineers, strategists, and crew chief that are in your corner every day.

Our clients are co-creators.

They understand their role in the process of growing and supporting our initiatives. They want to grow their business and are not overly concerned with their competition because they are busy running their own race.

Are You Ready To Drive?

You have experienced some success but now it’s time to take your business to the next level.

We can’t wait to help you.


Charles Sayegh

Charles Sayegh

Managing Director / Founder

I have a passion for creating competitive advantage by driving technology and innovation into business. Over the past 25 years, I’ve driven numerous projects which have brought together technology, business strategy, sales and marketing, large-scale enterprise transformation, and analytics.

We live and breathe our motto: “We only succeed when our clients succeed.” As a digital marketing firm, we provide focused attention one client at a time. Unlike large firms, eDriven is the ideal sized firm with the best mix of talent and culture driving technology enabled business advantage.

With extensive experience in strategy consulting, information technology, software and consumer companies, our specialties include growth strategies, mergers & acquisitions, human capital, software solutions and revenue generation.

At eDriven Marketing, we take a collaborative approach to working with organizations and entrepreneurs on product launch, reputation management, sales growth strategies, branding and overall marketing.

Creative solutions, measured results.

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