How many times today or even this past week did you say to yourself, wow that was great customer service. Or, wow they treat me well at this establishment or I feel valued as a customer. Most likely not much at all. In fact, you probably said things more like; I won’t be going there anymore or how do they stay in business? So, the question begs. Have we become accustomed to receiving sub-par service? To be treated like we don’t matter? Or how about no customer service whatsoever. Sometimes, you just can’t even reach anyone to discuss your dissatisfaction, as with Facebook. In fact, they don’t even have a working number. Do they not care? I think the answer might be. No, they really don’t. Facebook founders are still billionaires while Facebook has probably the lousiest customer service out there.

This brings me to you, the small business owner. What does Facebook have to do with me, the small business owner. Well, there is great opportunity to carve out a healthy business just by making your customers feel important and providing excellent service. Look, it’s not that hard. Here are some things you could do that can ensure your customers keep coming back and will help spread the word about your awesome customer service, probably on Facebook.

  1. Smile at your customers. Do I really need to tell you why that’s important? No one wants to deal with a grumpy business owner. It’s unwelcoming, and customers remember that experience.
  2. Remember people’s names and use them when you speak with them or contact them. Who doesn’t feel special when someone remembers their name? It builds loyalty.
  3. Thank them for their business. We all know how hard we work to make our money and merchants should appreciate the many other places customers can make their purchases instead of them.
  4. Keep your word if you’re a service provider. If you tell your clients that you will be there at 2:15 PM, be there at 2:15 PM. It’s that simple. If you can’t be on time, call immediately to apologize and ask if it’s OK to be late or if they would like to reschedule. Respecting your customer’s time goes a long way.

At eDriven, we can design the best websites, sales funnels, marketing programs and lead generation activities both via the web and traditional media outlets but if your habits are counterproductive to the business that comes to you, then there’s nothing an advertising agency or marketing program can do to save your business or help it realize its potential. Unless of course you’re Facebook.

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